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Artwork for those who appreciate original pieces

From my studio to your home

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Meet The Artist

"I paint with with love for art. I get ideas and I put them on the canvas with my own personal touch"

Born and raised in Medellin, Colombia, Oscar Restrepo grew up surrounded by mountains in the city known as "the city of eternal springtime". He started drawing since he was 8 years old and was always interested in art, copying from the classic artists. Later he went to the University of Antioquia where he studied fine arts and graphic design. He was always looking to do what he loved to do - art.


He likes to create from his own personal inspiration - think, plan, and create. Expressing his personal beliefs, he does it in his own way and enjoys communicating through art. The creativity from his heart inspires to be happy, full of joy and peace.


In his paintings he likes to portray the life of people doing their jobs and show their enjoyment while doing it. The believers, the hard workers. He highlights the passion for mother nature and all of the rich products that it gives to us; flowers, fruits, vegetables, landscapes, skies, the ocean and much more.

Original Pieces

Available for purchase, ready to hang in your home.

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- SP

"Oscar's art is very energetic, vibrant, and colorful. He shows all of the love for nature and between couples"

- SP

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